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Print Pro Shop Partners with Brickell City Centre

It’s no secret that Miami isn’t the most walkable city. Well, Swire Properties decided to do something about it by creating an urban environment where individuals are encouraged to live, work and play, all in the same place. Whether you’re a Miami local or just visiting, make sure you check out Brickell City Centre, Miami’s newest shopping mecca, with its luxury retail stores and exquisite dining.


If you haven’t heard about Brickell City Centre in Downtown Miami, you must have had your head in the ground like an ostrich for the last few years. A city within a city, this multi billion-dollar project promised a 4.9 million square-foot mixed-use development in the heart of Brickell in Miami and boy did they deliver.


Besides endless restaurants and sophisticated stores, the impressive megastructure also features two residential towers and two mid-rise office buildings. And let’s not forget the ambitious Climate Ribbon, a $30 million elevated trellis designed to control the environment and use the airflow of the bay.


The centre has been in construction for over 8 years now, which made its unveiling all the more exciting. Print Pro Shop was there every step of the way, providing Brickell City Centre with an endless array of print products such as window graphics over five stories tall, signs and acrylic prints, not to mention fence graphics that run city blocks. Our skilled designers and installers spent weeks, months even, working around the clock until Brickell City Centre was completed.


Local 7 News went behind the scenes and spoke with President of Swire Properties Stephen Owens.


“We’ve sold more condos than we’ve ever sold in our history,” said Owens. “Our office buildings are nearly fully leased and a shopping center is 91 percent committed … A project like this is such a significant economic impact on our community.”


Referred to as the “pinnacle of cosmopolitan living”, Brickell City Centre is one for the history books.